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In the last few years, more and more people are willing to shop online, and there are countless reasons.


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Why have an online shop?

  • Money saving

    You don't have to rent a business space and you don't have to hire people to cover all shifts.

  • Simplicity

    Orders go straight to your email, with clearly defined products, quantity, prices, and customer notes.

  • Accessibility

    Customers prefer to shop online because they can have insight into the entire offer, they can filter products and sort by price.

  • Area expansion

    When you sell online, you can offer your product to the whole world and thus increase traffic and profit.

We'll make you a store that changes the root business

Product page

We will design a product page so that the customer knows what to do at a first glance. Good reviews motivate a visitor to buy a product, and a well-optimized interface motivates them to complete a purchase.


The cart should be short and clear. It must contain a concrete overview of added products and not deconcentrate the customer. We strive to add some upsells and quickly redirect the visitor to the checkout.


Checkout is the last and most important stage of purchase. Here our customer enters the shipping address and chooses a payment method. The site must be very well optimized for mobile screens and must not contain the slightest distractions.

You don't know where to start?

It is quite normal for customers to not have a fully developed idea, especially since online shops are a relatively new thing and not everyone is used to them. So you can consult with our team of e-commerce experts to advise you properly.

Classic e-shop

  • Odd user interface
  • Inadequate hierarchy
  • Unspecified CTA
  • A complicated path to the cart
  • Bad or no Google search optimization
  • Undefined funnels
  • No clear promotions
  • Does not catch user's attention
  • A frustratingly long ordering process
  • Non-existence of user support

DNG Shop

  • Interactive and interesting design
  • Classification by categories, filters, sorting
  • The most important buttons are strikingly marked
  • The path to cart consists of max three steps
  • Optimization for the first Google Search page
  • Detailed description of the ordering process
  • Special pages and catalogs for promotions
  • Techniques to keep the customer on the site as long as possible
  • Ordering is reduced to just a few clicks
  • Implementation of fast support system